Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ahh! I have a blog! I always said to myself that I never would--because why do you want everyone to know what you're thinking all the time? Then again, what do you call Facebook? Or, God-forbid, TWITTER??? I really do not care if you're taking a shower right now. Or if you're at work. If you are my friend, I KNOW when you are working. If you aren't, then I really probably don't care...

I just got off an mylifeisaverage.com week-long obsession. Then I realized that all these people are in highschool or first year of college and think they are really, really cool. They probably spend hours and hours thinking of something interesting that they can write about--something witty-yet-understated, unique-yet-common enough that they feel they have joined a community of fellow-mlia-er--I even read one where the person wrote that they were obsessed with trying to think of something to submit and found out that there was a word for it!

I am sitting next to Corinne, who is here visiting me for reading week. She just said that she wants to write about new socks in her next blog. Well, I love new toothbrushes. So there. Beat that. I also like new jars of peanut butter and finally finishing the last bowl of cereal in the box so you can start the new one.

The men's hockey team is playing Germany for a spot a little farther along in the Olympic standings--I think they have to win the next four wins to get the gold! It's so weird that all these players on all the different NHL teams have returned home to their respective countries, put on their country's colours, head back to North America to play a few games--and next week, they'll head down south to their American-owned franchises and play against the same players, this time on their own teams. Ok, they got their starts when they were kids, playing in their backyards--but they were PERFECTED here on American soil (Canadian-Schamadian--they're all owned by Americans)--so how can they be showcasing "home-grown talent"? They are showing the results of NHL coaching. At least the women's teams actually play more or less in their own countries--it seems like Canadians and Americans play wherever--and that's probably why it's always them in the top two. I like to watch curling :)

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